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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dónde?
Dónde enables companies to offer travel as a benefit with a company-match savings account and platform to plan and book travel. In the platform, we take care of the administrative tasks associated with offering the benefit, and employees get to set saving goals, track progress, and explore a wide range of travel options. They can book in the platform or with one of our travel agents.
Does this change our current PTO policy?
No, companies can offer Dónde whether they have a traditional accrual system, unlimited, flexible, or mandatory PTO. It doesn't matter. Dónde just takes a current policy and enhances it. We call it empowered PTO.
What is empowered PTO?
Empowered PTO means employees are encouraged to take time off. Empowered PTO means employees have enough money to use their time off to travel. Empowered PTO means employees have the tools to plan an amazing vacation. Empowered PTO means employees take time off, they love it, and they love you for it.
How does the match work?
It’s similar to a 401k, but a little more fun. Your company sets a budget and will match you dollar-for-dollar, up to that cap. For example:

Your employer is matching 100% of your contribution, up to $50/month. If you set your monthly contribution to $100/month, when it’s matched you will have $150 in your Dónde Wallet. If you save $25/month, you will have $50 in your account.
How do companies afford the match?
We'd argue that a travel benefit will beat out all other perks. Don't get rid of healthcare and retirement, but beyond that, pick some other perk to replace. Maybe the company has gone fully remote this year. Great! Pull from the budget for office snacks. How much of the spend is dedicated to recruitment and retention? Try offering Dónde and see if people aren't stoked. If the company helps people go on an epic rafting adventure in Costa Rica or relax on the beaches of Bali, we bet they’ll stay longer at this job, productivity will increase, and satisfaction will improve.
Why is there a $5/employee fee?
The Dónde platform takes care of all administrative tasks associated with offering the benefit: no expense reports, no tracking, no day-to-day management. It’s on our roadmap to give insight into PTO enhancement metrics like how many days off people are using to travel, the destinations visited, what employees want to focus on this year, and the impact on satisfaction and burnout. The fee also helps subsidize the cost of giving employees access to a travel agent to help them plan a trip. Each employee can reach out and receive a concierge experience to ensure their travel meets their expectations.
Why should employees use Dónde to save?
Saving isn’t the easiest thing in the world. And travel is expensive. The intent with Dónde is to help employees set savings goals, to simplify the saving/spending process, and most importantly, to facilitate a way a company helps their employees travel without racking up debt. The match helps an employee achieve their goals faster so they can get out there sooner.
Can a user withdraw their funds?
A company is offering this benefit to help their employees travel, and Dónde facilitates that entire process for both parties. Similar to an HSA or 401k, the funds are earmarked for a specific purpose. It is up to the employer to dictate the specific withdrawal policy (e.g. the amount and reasons). But yes, a user can withdraw their funds. They will need to email Dónde support, and we will initiate the process in alignment with their employer’s policy.

About the Platform

Does this connect to Payroll?
Not yet. Dónde is a standalone app that includes all the features needed to manage users, contribute into the match, reward employees and view insights. To contribute to the match, an administrator will need to connect a corporate bank account and then the deposits and ledgering happen automatically behind the scenes. To add users, the admin can upload a CSV to add them all at once.
What travel is available?
In the Dónde app, users can search for and book flights, rental cars, hotels, and cruises. Users can also explore a wide range of experiences offered through our preferred partners. Our travel agent can book experiences through Acanela, Globus, Viator, and Virtuoso, as well as boutique vendors like Trove or Fort Desolation. You can also ask the agent to book any items from curators like Airbnb, VRBO, and RV Share that are not yet available directly in the platform. The sky is the limit.
How do I get support?
We are here to help users with technical issues, booking travel, or general questions. We’re a small team, but we want to hear any feedback, help get people out traveling, and make Dónde the best experience possible. Please reach out:
What is the Early Adopter Program?
We just launched the app this month, so our current customers are part of the Dónde Early Adopter Program, which means they have early access to the benefit before we open it up to additional companies. From the beginning, employees will be able to use the app to save and book. But we still have a lot of exciting features to develop and inventory to add. We will periodically send out surveys or host focus groups about what works, what's missing, satisfaction with the product, and what users would like to see in the future.

PTO and Travel

Why is taking PTO beneficial?
Everyone needs a break. If employees don’t take time off, they’ll burn out. Continual stress and constant pushing will negatively affect mental and physical health. Donde helps companies communicate to their employees that they want them to unplug, recharge, and get out.
Why should I travel?
Travel has been shown to improve happiness, creativity, and confidence. It reduces stress, frustration, and monotony. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for the family. It’s good for everyone. Especially, if it’s well-planned and doesn’t break the bank. This is where we want to help.
What if I don’t like to travel?
Travel can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And that’s just great! We don’t prescribe a certain type of travel. Travel however, whenever. Just travel. Go to India, the Acropolis, Disney World, Yosemite, or the annual family reunion at the lake. Rent an SUV for those tricky winter roads, book a cruise, find a unique Airbnb, go camping. Whatever your fancy, you can use your money through Donde to travel. No restrictions.
How does this work during a global pandemic?
Right now, travel is restricted, and normal interactions are limited. Like the rest of the world, we hope global travel will return as quickly and safely as possible. But in the meantime, employees can still break up their daily routine and recharge with a nearby adventure. Take time off for a road trip, go camping, or visit a national park. Be responsible. Take care and focus on saving, so when restrictions lift, everything is ready to go.
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