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Rilee Buttars
CEO & Co-Founder
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Rilee is a competitive, problem-solving achiever who somehow convinces others to join the fray. Her first time abroad was to India, and it was incredible. Sure, she spent the first two days inside with culture shock surviving on chips and Diet Coke. But working there changed her, and she left knowing her heart belonged everywhere else but home. She has spent the most time in Jordan and dreams of driving the desert highway to Wadi Rum, windows down, listening to the Eagles.

Rilee has a Sociology MS, traveled the world evaluating nonprofits, and spent most of her career as a project manager. She’s married to her co-founder, Tommy, and mom to sparkly Blue.

Tom Compagno
CTO & Co-Founder
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Tom and his wife Bonnie work to travel, they are always prepping for their next adventure. Tom has been building software platforms to support businesses for over 20 years across a range of industries including, finance, human resources, insurance and travel.

He doesn't have a favorite, but he has been to Mexico more times than he can remember. Top memories - Venice, Italy, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Lake Garda, Italy.

Tom has a B.S. in Computer Science from Southern Utah University and his M.B.A, from Westminster College.

Tommy Currit
CXO & Co-Founder
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Some of Tommy’s favorite places are right here in Utah’s backyard. He loves exploring the canyons of Grand Staircase National Park, fly fishing in the Uintas, or paddle boarding the lakes and rivers in Ogden Valley. While he loves Utah, getting away with his wife and exploring new places and cultures is one of the most fulfilling things he’s done.

He’s spent his career crafting design, digital experiences, campaigns, and videos for companies big and small.

Mike Harris
VP of Product Design
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A college job throwing bags for Delta—and the flight benefits that came with it—inspired in Mike a zeal for travel. Visiting family in Porvoo, city running in Paris, getting tattooed in Bangkok, or being bitten by an eel while snorkeling in Honolulu; if there’s good food and a cocktail, he and his wife, Liz, are up for anything.

Mike's art scholarship and a penchant for puzzles and problem solving evolved into a career in design. As the self-described most-competitive-Dónde-teammate (sorry, Rilee), he strives for proficiency in all aspects of design he faces.

Shan Miller
VP of Product Development
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Quality and frequent travel is a novel concept to Shan, someone who was raised in a family with limited means. But bold, meaningful travel in recent years has been transformative in his life and his marriage to his foxy wife, Heather.

He wants to leverage Dónde to share his nascent love with others who are brimming with desire to explore the world. His contribution to this cause takes the form of scrupulously sculpted UI/UX code.

His specialized skills in front end development, design, and charisma have pushed him to the forefront of his craft.

Jessie Wachter
Travel Experience Manager
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Jessie was first introduced to travel while studying in Vienna. That summer, she worked with the IAEA, which solidified her desire to work with people who are making decisions that affect other’s lives in a positive way. Since then, she has traveled to more than 70 countries gaining invaluable perspective, patience, and appreciation for the beauty and wonder the world has to offer! Before Dónde, Jessie spent more than a decade designing experiential education & adventure programming around the world for students and has seen first hand the transformational power of being exposed to new cultures, foods, languages, and points of view.

Dave D’Angelo
Head of Sales
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Dave discovered a deep level of compassion and curiosity while living in some of the world’s most off-the-beaten-path places. Whether it’s commutes by long boat in Luang Prabang, BBQs with Korean elders in Ulsan, motorcycle rides in Kathmandu, failed attempts at learning the Thai language in Chiang Mai, and homestays with local families in Ha Giang and Rome; he lives for experiences that are immersive, challenging, and unique.

His passion for building meaningful relationships, travel, and making an impact motivates him to drive growth at companies, helping people make the most of their life outside of work.

Josh Cameron
Travel Industry Consultant
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Josh believes travel can transform an individual. He and his wife Kathryn love traveling, being with their family and friends, and playing in the outdoors. He has traveled to over 80 countries in his lifetime and his favorite vacations always involve a sailboat.

Serving as a Board Member for CHOICE Humanitarian, he believes deeply in their model to end extreme poverty. He’s spent fifteen years in strategy and finance roles at two of the country’s fastest growing tech companies. Josh holds a Masters in Finance from the University of Utah.


Board & Advisors

Jeremy Andrus
CEO, Traeger Pellet Grills
Aaron DeRose
Partner, Swell Capital
Owen Fuller
CEO, Lucidpress
Mike Peregrina
President & Co-Founder, Homie
Jordan Wright
CEO & Co-Founder, Atomic Financial

Lead Investors

Tessa Arneson
Jeremy Andrus
Mike Cameron
Aaron DeRose
Benson Metcalf
Nate Walkingshaw
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