Better Time Off Means Better Time On

Paid time off is too important to waste, for you and your employees. Fund the epic experiences that make PTO count.
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Tell your employees
to go away

And they'll never leave. Facilitating experiences outside of the office attracts, retains, and recharges employees amidst mass burnout and resignations.
Recruit Top Talent
of employees want to use their PTO — the 2nd most requested benefit — to travel
Retain Employees
of managers agree that vacation alleviates burnout — a leading cause of turnover
Increase Productivity
of vacations have a good ROI in terms of your energy and outlook upon returning to work

Flexible reward programs

Dónde enables companies to auto-match, bonus, and reward their employees for PTO travel. Employees can create travel and savings goals and benefit from the company contributions that make memorable vacations possible.
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Travel made easy

Our travel designers even craft custom itineraries and assist with booking inside or outside of the marketplace to save time, eliminate stress, and offer flexibility.
What’s inside

Automate your travel benefits

Dónde is an end-to-end management solution. Link the corporate account to the platform, set a contribution plan, and let us handle the booking, reporting, and administrative busywork.
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These companies take PTO seriously

Trager LogoLendio LogoHomie LogoPura LogoLucidpress LogoAtomic LogoIsotalent LogoCortex LogoArtifact LogoInvestable Logo
At Lendio, we create memorable life experiences for our employees through Dónde. Our employees love it, and it helps our leadership team attract, retain and recharge the amazing talent we need to succeed and grow.”
Mark Santiago
Chief of Staff, Lendio
Dónde enables the team at Homie to showcase that we really care about work life balance, employee well being, and having exceptional lived experiences outside of work. Our people are raving about the Dónde benefit.”
Johnny Hanna
CEO & Co-founder, Homie
We take time away from work seriously at Traeger, and Dónde has played a meaningful role in helping our employees address the barriers that often stand in the way of an awesome vacation.”
Jeremy Andrus
Traeger Grills
I use Donde in every one of my recruitment calls. It shows them that we’re serious about time off, so they can show up and do the best work of their lives.”
Jordan Wright
CEO, Atomic Financial
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