Better Time Off Means Better Time On

Dónde is a company-match savings and booking resource for PTO travel. It empowers your company to transform travel into a benefit that generates ROI.

Dónde helps businesses:

Recruit Top Talent
Your PTO plan is the second-most important benefit to job candidates.
Retain Employees
Personal travel is valued more than pay raises, bonuses, and retirement plans.
Increase Productivity
Employees that take good vacations return more creative, engaged, and productive.

How the platform works


Travel Is Sweeter When It Doesn't Break the Bank

Dónde centers around a company-matched savings account—much like a 401K for PTO travel. Employees can create travel goals, set recurring deposits into their account, and enjoy the company contributions that make great travel a reality for all employees.

The Only Difficult Part Is Deciding Where to Go

In our app, employees can find experiences, travel packages, lodging, flights, and transportation in awe-inspiring destinations the world over.We showcase unique experiences offered through our incredible partners, from adventure-packed itineraries in Costa Rica, to tours of ancient ruins in Cambodia, to local excursions

Good Things Come to Those Who Plan

In Dónde, employees can set trip goals, manage travel savings, and even consult with one of our travel agents—at no extra cost—and have them take care of all the nitty-gritty details.

Buying Travel Never Looked So Good

Users can book flights, stays, cars, and cruises directly in the platform—selecting from the same content as other major marketplaces and then applying Donde funds to make the purchase.Users can also access our travel agents to book experiences, build custom itineraries, and help make the process as stress-free as possible

Today's PTO Policies Aren’t Working

vacation days left on the table last year
of employees are unhappy with unsupportive PTO cultures
of people find the most stressful aspect of travel to be figuring out details
“Companies that can transform to be more experience-focused are the ones that will succeed in a changing world.”
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