Note: We have already set up your company Dónde page and added you as a User with Admin permissions. Follow these steps to complete the onboarding process.

Getting Started

1. Create your individual Dónde account

In order to access your company’s admin tools, you first need to set up your personal user account. This will be the first thing you are prompted to do after clicking on the link in your welcome email.
Need more help? View our personal user onboarding guide
You are now a Dónde User with Admin permissions. Here is a list of helpful definitions as you start to set up your company.
Company employees. They can contribute and save money in their individual wallet, create trip itineraries, share itineraries and photos to the company page, and book travel with their funds.
Individual users who have additional manager permissions. This includes access to one or more designated budgets, the ability to reward individual users assigned to their team, and the ability to request additional funds from their admins.
Individual user with admin permissions to set up and manage the corporate bank account; add and remove users; and create, assign, and approve budgets.
NOTE: Admins can also be managers of teams. Admins cannot issue a reward to themselves, for this reason, we recommend having at least two Admins.

2. Verify and connect a bank account

In order to transact with Dónde, our banking partner needs to verify your business. This step might seem intimidating, but we’ve made it as painless as possible.
1. Prepare any documents you may need
Select your business type to see what information or documents you’ll need.
Business Type
Select One
What you'll need:
2. Navigate to your company Admin page
You can navigate to your company's admin page through the dropdown under your profile picture or the red bar at the bottom left that says, "Admin Settings.
A blurred view of a user's Donde employee travel dashboard, highlighting where to find the "Admin Settings" on the menu
3. Select your business type and follow the guided prompts
When prompted to enter an email, it must be different than the one that you used to set up your personal account. The best practice is to use an accounting (e.g., or finance email address for your company account verification.
We have designed a simple process in order to identify and verify your company for compliance reasons. This process helps mitigate money laundering, terrorist financing, tax crimes, and phishing by registering each company, per government regulations.
Our banking partner, Dwolla, and their underlying bank requires this information. Any information that we collect during this process is stored securely and is not accessible to anyone other than the systems requiring it for verification purposes.
On your end, the verification process will only take a few minutes. Once you have finished, it make take a few minutes —or even up to a few days– depending on the verification documents required by each bank.
4. Connect your corporate bank account from the account details page
You’ll need to connect a bank account before distributing your company match or rewarding employees.
steps to create a bank account
Not at this time. Connecting through payroll has various limitations and provides less control to the employee, as far as when they can deposit funds. It is something we are considering for the future once we are able to mitigate those limitations.
Yes, you are able to change the specific account and/or specific connected bank whenever necessary.
Connecting your corporate bank account allows you to fund your company’s match policy. It’s also necessary in order to reward employees’ individual accounts.
We use Plaid to connect your bank account to our partner banking system. Plaid uses the highest levels of security possible to keep your information safe. When you link your checking account with a financial application through Plaid, the company instantly encrypts sensitive data and shares it with the application using a secure connection. To read more about Plaid’s security measures, visit the Plaid Safety Page.
5. Verify your corporate bank account
Your corporate bank account will receive two micro-deposits of 99¢ or less within two days of you initiating the connection.

Once you received these deposits, return to the account details page within 48 hours.

You will then indicate the amounts that were deposited and the order in which they wre received to complete the bank verification process.
connect account with microdeposit verification

3. Ask your IT team to whitelist our domain

We automate our welcome email to employees, and we’ve seen them get blocked recently. Have your IT email team whitelist emails from any email address so your team receives their welcome email smoothly.

4. Sit back and relax. You’re all done!

User Management

In this section you will learn how to add users individually or by bulk upload and one-time reward your employees.

1. Upload your employees

Click on User Management from the bottom left Admin Settings link at the bottom of the navigation bar.
1. Uploading new users
Adding a single user
  • Add basic personal information
  • Select employee type
  • Designate their manager (if creating team budgets)
  • Provide optional employee information, such as employee ID
A screenshot demonstrating the process of creating an employee travel account for new Donde users
Adding multiple users
  • Download the CSV template
  • Fill in the CSV with proper formatting
  • 3. Designate managers* (if creating team budgets)
  • Upload your CSV file
*Note about managers

When adding multiple users, by including a managers email next to a user’s info, you assign the user to a team and creates a manager. You’ll then be able to create a budget for this manager to reward their team.

In this example, the user ‘’ will be made a manager for any user their email address is next to in the manager_email column.

Learn more about Managers & Budgets
2. Schedule when the welcome email will be sent
Make sure your employees don’t get a welcome email before you’re ready. When they get the welcome email they’ll be able to create their own account and start loving Dónde.
Screenshot of a "Schedule welcome email" on Donde

2. Rewarding employees

Simply click the kebab menu to the right of an employee’s name, or select several employees and click on the “Reward Employee” button at the bottom of the page to reward multiple employees. From there, you’ll be prompted to add the reward amount and add a note if you want.
A divided screenshot showing an employer can select one or multiple individuals at once on Donde for editing or sending rewards
An email will be sent out automatically to notify the team member of their reward.

3. Other admin actions

In addition to giving rewards, selecting single or multiple users allows you to perform several other actions.
SINGLE USER: Edit an employee’s basic information, such as employee ID, employee type, and who their manager is.
SINGLE USER: Change the employee’s user permissions to User or Admin.
MULTIPLE USERS: Update the manager of the team members you selected OR remove any assigned managers.
MULTIPLE USERS: Update the employment type of the users you selected to salaried, hourly, or contractor.
Send an email reminder to inactive and unverified users with instructions on how to get started on Dónde.
Deactivate users no longer associated with the company or who want to dis-include in rewards or your company match.
Note: If your company is not assigning managers budgets to reward their reports, then please ignore this section.

Managers & Budgets

Creating managers and assigning them budgets is a great way to delegate the task of spot rewarding employees. This lets managers give their team members a meaningful reward into their Dónde account, without a lot of added work and approvals on your part.


A budget is an admin-assigned, permitted amount of funds that a manager can use to reward their team members within a specified time frame. Budget amounts and time frames can be edited at any point by an admin.
No. There is no transfer of funds from the corporate account to a manager’s budget upon creation. A manager’s budget is strictly a limited permission given to a manager to transfer funds; only when rewards are distributed to team members are any funds transferred from the corporate account — deposited directly to the team member.
Budgeting is a free-to-use, core feature of the Dónde platform; not an add-on that costs extra.

1. Creating & editing managers

1. To create or change a manager, go to the User Management page
2. Select one or more employees and assign to them a manager
Assigning a manager to a single employee
  • Click on their kebab menu
  • Choose ‘Edit Information’
  • Designate their manager
Assigning a manager to multiple employees
  • Select employees
  • Click ‘Bulk Actions’ and then ‘Edit Manager’
  • Designate their manager
You can also assign managers to employees when creating users.

2. Removing a user’s manager permissions

There are occasions where you want to change someone’s responsibilities to no longer include managing a team. Removing a manager or reassigning reports to another manager is fairly simple.
1. Go to the User Management page
2. Click on the ‘Reports to’ column to sort by manager
3. Find and select all users reporting to the manager
4. Click ‘Bulk Actions’ and then ‘Edit Manager’
5. Click ‘Remove Any Assigned Managers’ or search for a replacement manager

3. Creating budgets

When you assign a manager a budget, you are creating a permission for them to reward their team from the linked corporate account up to a certain amount during a set time frame. No money is actually transferred into a budget account. When a manager rewards a team member, you will see that pulled from the corporate account and sent to the employee’s Dónde Wallet.
1. After creating managers, go to the Budgets
2. Click on the ‘Create New Budget’ button
3. Search for and select the manager(s) you want to create a budget for
4. Set the amount and date range for the budget(s) and click ‘Create Budget’
The manager(s) will automatically receive an email notifying them that they’ve been assigned a new budget

4. Edit a budget

Editing or deleting a budget is fairly simple if you follow these few steps.
1. Click on the budget you want to edit
2. Click ‘Edit Budget Settings’ at the top right of the page
Screenshot of user's remaining budget on Donde
3. Change the budget amount, modify the end-date, or click ‘Delete Budget’ to instantly expire the budget

Dónde and Payroll Tax Implications


When you match or reward your employees with Dónde, you are giving your employees a cash fringe benefit. These are subject to all of the applicable employer taxes (e.g., fica, futa, suta) and need to be reported on the employer quarterly reports. For more information on fringe benefits, please refer to IRS Publication 15-B.*

Reporting fringe benefits for your payroll is common and fairly straightforward. As we build out our product features, we are focusing on making it even more simple and effortless through integrations with payroll systems. We would love to hear what system you use, or would like to see us integrate with for tax reporting purposes.
*Dónde is not a tax advisor entity. We recommend that you seek the advice of a professional tax advisor or lawyer for specific questions around timing and application of fringe benefit taxes.

1. How to download your tax report

1. Log into the Dónde app
2. Navigate to the Admin page
From your name and profile photo, click on ‘Admin’
3. On the right of the admin page, click ‘View Match Statements’ to see transaction history
A focused screenshot of a user's mouse icon hovering over a "View Match Statements" link on their Donde account
4. Toward the top right of the page, there’s a button to ‘Generate Tax Report’
5. From there, you can select the date range you want the report to cover
This range could correspond to your pay period, cover the dates of recent employee rewards or bonuses, or relate to a monthly match process.

2. Importing your report to payroll

Initially, you will need to contact a rep from your payroll company to help set this up. We’ve found this is a quick one-time call or email.
1. Create a unique Dónde fringe benefit code in your payroll system (this is what you will need a rep from your payroll provider to help you create)
2. Once that code is created, log into your payroll portal
3. Select the Dónde fringe benefit code
4. Upload/import the .CSV Tax Report file you downloaded from the Dónde app

3. You’re all set!

Your employees will see a small amount deducted on their paystub to cover the fringe benefit taxes.