Burnout is the leading cause of turnover in 2023

When your employees don't use their PTO, they become less productive, engaged, and loyal. Estimate the costs of burnout-driven turnover in your business, and the balance sheet impact of reducing it.
of employees are burned out, leading to low productivity, disengagement, and turnover risk
of employee turnover can be attributed to burnout, according to HR leaders
of HR leaders say employee burnout is sabotaging their workforce retention
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How much is burnout-related turnover costing your company?

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Your burnout-related turnover cost
if burnout accounts for
% of your total turnover
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Forbes reports burnout accounts for 20–50% of turnover
Lessen the burn of burnout

What can I save by reducing burnout?

Based on the information you provided...
You will lose 600 employees this year, which includes
210 employees as a result of burnout.
See what increasing retention can save you
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See what Dónde can do for you to help fight employee burnout
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How has Dónde helped with PTO liability?

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Reduction of $528,000 in company’s balance sheet
PTO utilization increased by 20%
$1.2M balance sheet impact after implementing Dónde
PTO utilization increased by 30%
68% of employees reported an improvement in their burnout
Based on a 92% benefit adoption rate
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At Lendio, we create memorable life experiences for our employees through Dónde. Our employees love it, and it helps our leadership team attract, retain and recharge the amazing talent we need to succeed and grow.”
mark santiago profile picture
Mark Santiago
Chief People Officer, Lendio
Using PTO and stepping away from work is so incredibly crucial. Everyone needs time to rest and refresh, so they don’t burn out. Nobody is able to do their best work when they are running on fumes.”
Cassandra Margolin profile picture
Cassandra Margolin
Head of People, Jasper
We take time away from work seriously at Traeger, and Dónde has played a meaningful role in helping our employees address the barriers that often stand in the way of an awesome vacation.”
jeremy andrus profile picture
Jeremy Andrus
Traeger Grills
I use Donde in every one of my recruitment calls. It shows them that we’re serious about time off, so they can show up and do the best work of their lives.”
jordan wright profile picture
Jordan Wright
CEO, Atomic Financial
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