Welcome to Dónde

Your company gave you time off and now they’re helping you save for, plan and book an amazing vacation. The beach, city tour, or reunion is that much closer.

Let’s get started!

Getting Started

1. Set up your account

Check your inbox for the Dónde Welcome email (can’t find it? It may have landed in the junk folder). Click the button and create your password for the Dónde app.
Clicking ‘Get Started’ will open the Dónde app in your browser. From here, the rest of the process will take place in this browser window.

2. Create your Dónde wallet

With Dónde, you get a dedicated account to save for your vacation —the Dónde wallet. This wallet is held with our banking partner, Dwolla. They need to verify you’re a human, so they’re going to ask you for some personal information.* This process is secure and safe.
*You may be asked to upload your driver’s license or answer some questions to prove your identity.

3. Set a savings goal

An important part of the Dónde benefit is to save for your travel. Set a goal and target date. We’ll show you how much you need to save each month to hit that goal.

4. Connect your bank account

This is your wallet to save for your time off. To put money into this wallet, we use Plaid to connect your personal bank account to Dónde.
You can put in as much or as little as you want. You can set a recurring contribution that deducts from your bank account monthly. You can also “boost” your account and deposit funds whenever you want. You have the flexibility to choose.
Yes, you are able to change the specific account and/or specific connected bank whenever necessary.
This allows you to deposit money directly to your Dónde wallet at anytime, and also allows you to setup automatic recurring deposits so you never miss a company match.
We use Plaid to connect your bank account to our partner banking system. Plaid uses the highest levels of security possible to keep your information safe. When you link your checking account with a financial application through Plaid, the company instantly encrypts sensitive data and shares it with the application using a secure connection. To read more about Plaid’s security measures, visit the Plaid Safety Page.

5. Tell us how YOU’RE doing

Dónde is here to help make your time off more impactful and improve your work-life balance. It’s helpful to know where you’re at now and see if it improves over time. Please take 2 minutes to fill out our survey. Click here to take the survey >

6. Take a break! You’re all set.

Now you’re ready to start saving for, planning, and booking travel and experiences to make your time off work…well…work.