User Onboarding

Welcome! Bienvenido! Wilkommen! 欢迎!

We’re so happy to have you with us! Dónde is the best place for you to be inspired, plan, save for, and book travel and experiences to turn your time off into meaningful time away. Studies show that having experiences away from home makes you happier, more successful, and healthier, so we created Dónde to help everyone to experience life outside of the office.

Create Your Account

1. Set your password

Check your inbox for the Dónde Welcome email. Can’t find it? Be sure to check your junk folder. Hit the “Get Started” button and create your password to log into the Dónde app.
A digital graphic of an opened envelope containing a message that reads: "Your boss wants you to go away. Better time off means better time on". Includes a red "Get Started" button
If your linked expired, go to and reset your password to log in.

2. Tour Dónde or start saving

Dónde makes it easy to plan, save, and book your travel and experiences. We recommend continuing to set up your account by creating your Dónde Wallet and connecting your bank account through our trusted banking partners.
Illustrations of start saving and exploring donde

Save on Dónde

1. Create your Dónde Wallet

Go to your Save page and create a Dónde Wallet — a dedicated “account” to save for your vacation. This wallet is held with our banking partner, Dwolla. They need to verify your identity, so they will ask you for some personal information. You may be asked to upload an image of your driver’s license or answer some questions to prove your identity. This process is secure and safe.
A screenshot showing a user setting a savings goal through Donde

2. Connect a funding source

Connecting your bank account to your Dónde Wallet is simple and makes getting access to your travel savings a breeze. Dónde has partnered with Plaid, a technology partner that facilitates the secure transfer of funds between your bank account and your Dónde Wallet. Learn more about Plaid here.
Plaid add your account diagram
When you add any financial account, you will be prompted to connect directly with the that institution. You also have the option to verify your account using your bank or credit union account number and their routing number.

3. Fund your account

Contribute as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. Set a recurring contribution to automatically transfer funds from your bank account, or boost your wallet and deposit funds at any time. Choose how to fund your account and watch your money grow!
Diagram of recurring contribution setup in app

Explore & Book Travel

1. Complete your traveler profile

We strongly encourage Dónde travelers to complete their traveler profile on My Account. You can save your traveler information — including your passport information — to help expedite the booking and checkout process, as well as save your loyalty information to make sure you receive your rewards whenever you travel.
Screenshot of profile data in app

2. Check out our destination pages

We have done the research for you! Every season, we look for some great places to travel and bring all that information straight to you. On our destination pages, we highlight travel tips, tricks, and everything else you need to know before you visit.
Screenshot of in app destination page block

3. Recommendations and search history

The Explore page showcases experience recommendations provided by our travel partner, Viator.
screen shot of in app recently viewed and search component
To make planning easier, we keep track of your recent viewed experiences and searches at the bottom of your dashboard.

Manage Trips

My Trips

On My Trips you can create an itinerary and fill it with details of your upcoming vacations. You can do this automatically when you complete a booking, or manually with the click of a button at any time. Consider setting an intention for each trip to make sure your planning has a focus. For example, you may be traveling to a tropical destination for a romantic getaway (Relaxation or Connection) one month, then traveling again to hike a distant mountain (Adventure) the next!
Screenshots of my tips in app
Once your trip is created, fill your itinerary with flight, stay, car rental, and experience details. You can even add pictures to your trip, so when your friends and family ask about it (or any experience you’ve had) you can show them all the highlights!


Each trip you create on Dónde has its own dedicated travel budget. This is the perfect tool to plan your trip with a spending goal in mind. Budgets can be found at the bottom of the Save page, or on any upcoming trips on My Trips.
Screenshot of in app budgets

Need Help?

Travel Designers

If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed, need travel advice, or find something outside of the Dónde app that you would like to book, you have access to a Dónde Travel Designer at no additional cost to you. A Travel Designer is like a concierge service; we will do our best to provide you with tools and information to help you book your perfect experience.
There are multiple ways to get in contact with us:
  1. Chat with us by clicking  the chat button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. This is only available during regular business hours.

  2. For any pre-booking advice or assistance, you can email us at We generally get back to you within one business day.

  3. If you need help after you’ve made a booking, send an email to We will get back to you within one business day. If you are traveling and have something urgent come up, please put “URGENT” in the subject line of the email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

  4. For any travel-related emergencies, please call
+1(213)GO-DONDE or chat with us through the Dónde app using the word “URGENT”.
Screenshot of travel designer contact component

Frequently Asked Questions

To find more helpful information on Dónde, check out our FAQs by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Resources. If you still have a question after reviewing the FAQs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Technical Support

To reach our customer support team click on the link at the bottom of the Dónde app, or simply email We will get back to you within one business day. If you need immediate help, please send us an email with “URGENT” in the subject line, chat with us using the chat feature found on the bottom right-hand side of the Dónde web app (available during regular business hours only), or for travel-related emergencies, call +1(213)GO-DONDE.