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Making certain that everyone takes time off to refresh and recharge is key to our success. And not just a day here or there to run errands — actual time away to do things that speak to your well-being and soul. Travel does that.
Leslie Hopper
Chief People Officer
We wanted to be cooler than other schools. Dónde gives us a competitive advantage when we go out to attract talent and when we fight to retain them. We’d like to keep it that way.
Dane Roberts
Dónde empowers our team with travel savings and planning tools, along with travel deals that inspire them to explore the world. We love it!
Jeremy Andrus
Working with Dónde was a no-brainer because it allowed us demonstrate that we not only want our people to have time off, we want them to have experiences that are meaningful when away from work.
Alex Vargas
Chief People Officer
Our CEO and COO got a standing ovation and I saw one table of employees quite literally jumping up and down. It was such a cool moment — thank you!
Hillary Carter
VP of Human Resources

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