Invest in your employees your own way

No matter your budget, there are many ways you can help your team take impactful vacations and funnel the power of travel into your organization.

Match Groups

Create match policies within your company based on employee type or team.


There's no better way to show your employees that you care about their work-life balance than to invest alongside them as they save for their vacation. Use an auto-match program to see the impact before, during, and after your employees’ trips.
Our most common match program is 100% up to $50/mo

Milestone bonuses

Companies use Dónde to attract and retain their employees by giving tenure, holiday, and signing bonuses, and so much more.
The most common milestone benefit in Dónde is $1,000

One-time rewards

Make one-time contributions into your employees' Dónde wallets to celebrate work performance, teamwork, and important life events.

Manager Budgets

Delegate rewards and recognition to your managers.
Assign a budget to your managers in Dónde
Managers reward their team members directly

Motivational incentives

Use Dónde to drive company revenue goals, supplement sales commissions and spiffs, and elevate your President's Club.
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